Motorhome Repair Services

roadside motor homeIs your MotorHome Stuck on I-80 or 287? Our mechanics are ready to get your RV back on the road.
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Recreational vehicles or RVs just like cars and other automobiles, can develop mechanical problems in the least expected time and places. It may be somewhere on your way to a park for vacation or just after having left the park. We help fix the mechanical and chassis related motorhome malfunctions. Chassis issues, transmission problems, differential malfunctions, cracked wheels or flat tires, diesel engine problems, worn out brakes, and broken wheel seals can leave you stranded in the middle of the road and in a place where getting help is next to impossible. Fixing the issue before it leaves you on the side of the road is as simple as a visit to a repair shop. If you find yourself stranded in your RV, we have roadside RV repair service for timely fixes, and a shop for preventative or more major fixes.

**Please note: We do not work on the “home” part of the RV. No microwaves, upholstery, awnings, fresh water & sewer plumbing, etc. We repair RV diesel engines and motorhome chassis related issues.

Motorhome roadside assistance

Unlike cars or trucks, motorhomes are prone to frequent breakdowns due to their build, size, and unending road vibrations. Poor road conditions and terrible weather coupled with the design of these vehicles can also make them develop mechanical issues easily.

RV road side assistance is very important during emergencies. For instance, if your RV hit an unseen pothole and your motorhome develops chassis issues, transmission, differentials, wheels, brakes or wheel seal problems, etc. Right away, you will need the services of a qualified RV technician to immediately inspect and identify the problems. Their experience in handling these vehicles will save you the hassles of having to wait for a long time, as they will solve the problem within the shortest time possible.

Other problems that RV drivers can experience on road include the drifting of the vehicle right or left, even when the driver is steering straight. Deadlights, flat tires, out of fuel and dead batteries are other problems recreating vehicle drivers can experience. Other problems that can commonly be repaired with roadside service are oil, fuel, coolant or air leaks.

You may not have the know how to even fix the most minor problems. The best thing you can do is to contact a repair company to send a mechanic or technician to the site, and this is where roadside assistance services come in handy. Equipped with the right tools and knowledge, the technician arrives on the site, inspect the RV, determines the mechanical problems and fixes it appropriately.

When in-shop Motorhome repairs are needed

If you catch the issue before it leaves you on the side of the road, pulling into a shop for a quicker, less expensive fix, is always best. When you are already broken down, a reliable and timely response in roadside assistance saves time, takes away the hassles and allows you to continue your journey to your destination. However not all repairs can be performed onsite at the scene of the breakdown. Some may require that the motorhome be hauled to the repair shop for intensive or comprehensive inspection and repairs.

A mechanical problem that cannot be corrected at the point of breakdown means the RV has to be hauled or towed to a vehicle repair garage or shop. If it is a major breakdown that renders the motorhome completely immovable, it can be handled in a garage where there are specialized equipment including computer diagnosis. Give us a call today, and our expert technicians will get your RV running smoothly as quickly as possible.